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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Full Saturday of Stories

First off we went to the store where we bought toys for daddy's treasure box at the office. Caitlyn was very good about helping pick out toys that would go in the treasure box and that would not be for her. She knew she could have one toy. She chose jacks. Anyway we chose play dough, silly putty, pencils, girly things, and then I said we need to buy these cars and dinosaurs because boys will like these. Well later that night on the phone she told my mom all about how boys will go to the treasure box and have something to choose from too. It was so cute.

The children and I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Aunt Claudia today. Here are some pictures of our fun time after lunch. Even though it is over 100 degrees we are still troopers and we walked down by the lake to see the boats, and we let the kids play at the park because it was very well shaded.
Caitlyn only swung in the baby swing for a few minutes and then realized she was too big for it. For some reason she just loves it so.

Brent really loves to swing and is very content to hang out there as long as he can!

We left lunch rather late, it was the kids nap time, but that is okay because well that is just life and I'd rather have fun than always stick to a schedule! So on our way home we got stuck in traffic for over 30 minutes. So I'm thinking goodbye nap time.
Then we get home and the a/c upstairs is not working. It was supposed to be 75 degrees and it was 89 degrees. Remember that earlier I mentioned that outside it is well over 100 degrees where I live. So now I'm thinking so long nap time for sure. But I'm a trooper! And even though this is about when they wake up, I decide that I will go ahead and set up Brent's playpen in my room. Well that would have worked except that Caitlyn assured me she was tired and wanted to sleep in my room with Brent, which had indeed worked on vacations, but not today.
Somehow they were both quiet for a while because I did get some work done in the toy room. I got alot of Brent's toys containerized and moved some of Caitlyn's toys to a new container with lids. Well she didn't like that. She was very upset and wanted them back in the old baskets, which really surprised me that she even remembered which baskets, I mean they are old baskets from my classroom and all. Interesting - she can remember so much.
So when I finally kicked her out of my room and onto the couch, she quickly fell asleep, Brent was up (because he never slept) and she slept for 2 hours. It didn't matter how much noise we made, she slept and slept. I even tried to wake her up and she didn't budge.
It is fun, this parenting gig!
Brent and I had some uninterrupted playtime this evening though. He loves to roll the ball back and forth and he did so for at least 5 minutes straight. I am amazed at how much he loves balls. He chases balls around all the time. It is so cute!
Caitlyn and I played Jacks this evening. I really don't have any clue how to play this game but that is the great thing about playing with a three year old. She has a really great version. You each throw the "bouncy ball" and then she gives you a bunch of jacks and cheers for you. You feel like a winner! Then you play again. It is really loads of fun and doesn't take forever like Candy Land. Speaking of which, I must have hid that game.
Caitlyn and I made yummy Brownies this evening. I had her help me turn on the oven and she was so frightened to do so. She was afraid it would be hot. I guess I have taught her well. She desperately wanted to lick the bowl but I wouldn't let her because it had raw egg in it. She also told my mom that she couldn't have any brownies until they got hot because of the eggs. I was impressed how much she seemed to comprehend.
While we were waiting for the brownies I was going to let her play with some play dough that I had picked up at the store. I had gotten some extra for her. I told her to pick out a couple of colors and then we'd put the rest in the treasure box. Unfortunately for her, she just didn't quite understand and she insisted that we put it all in the treasure box. She only kept one for herself. She kept telling me no mom, we bought it all for the treasure box. Oh, all right!
Well this is getting lengthy, so one last thing, at the late hour of 11:00 pm I started to get off the computer (I'm now back on, but that is beside the point) and I turn around. I jump. Who is sitting on the stairs, sitting ever so sweetly, just watching me? Caitlyn. She had a boo-boo on her knee. Well at least it was a good reason to come downstairs. She almost got me to take her to my bed, she is so cute! And growing up so fast!
Oh, by the way, I stupidly only had the fan on and not the a/c. So we now have the a/c in full operating mode. What a wonderful job it will do when the operator operates it correctly.


  1. Your life and times are so much fun to read about. You are a really good mommy. When Caitlyn gets a little older, I will show you how to play jacks. It is a really good teaching tool for dexterity. Wish I could be around your kids all the time. They were so good when we kept them.

  2. I love it that you enjoy your special time with both Caitlyn and Brent. I know you would like a little bit of time alone with yourself, too!

    When the Candy Land game does appear, be sure and hide those 2 cards that make you go all the way back! It's a family tradition!

  3. Oh wow! I love your new blog look. I don't always click through, so I'm sorry if it's taken me a while to notice this--I use Google Reader mostly.

    Anyhow, you left me a comment a couple of weeks ago and I didn't realize it was from you until I emailed another Stephanie by mistake. I don't have your email address otherwise I would have responded via email. If you check the box in your settings, when you leave a comment, it will enable the blogger to respond to you via email :)

    Thanks so much for your comment :)

  4. I was SO going to suggest the hiding of the candyland cards! I didn't even know it was a family tradition, but it's a good one!