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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

15 Year Class Reunion

This weekend I was able to go to my reunion. We had a great turnout from the class of 1993, especially since it was an informal reunion. We had a picnic on Saturday morning with a face painter and Pepsi products! Then a mixer at an Irish pub that evening. It was a fantastic time and I really enjoyed catching up with old friends. I got to see a friend I hadn't seen since high school and we were so close back then, so that was fun. I also got to talk to a friend that I used to be close with in grade school that has recently survived breast cancer. PTL! There will not be a lot of words in this post because there are a record number of pictures. But the first three pictures are a testimony in themselves that Caitlyn can sit still. You just have to hire a face painter!

It was truly amazing how many little classmates we had walking around. The little ones look so much like their parents. It was easy to put parents and children together!

Here is our coordinator. She did a terrific job, not only planning everything but she remembers everyone, their first and last names!

Here is the dad of the year! He entertained both children when needed so I could talk and catch up with my old friends.

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  1. 15 years! Man you are OLD! How many of these guys did you date?