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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I got the kids rain boots. Especially news worthy because we have had so much rain and now that they have them we will most likely not have rain for months! Caitlyn loves to wear hers. She will wear hers with every outfit imaginable! Adorable!
Dress up and baby dolls are all the rage right now!
Brent is more of a natural guy!
I got his a size bigger. Ya know so he can grow into them and I can get my monies worth. So his slip off all the time. I love how he is stuck in this "monkey" pose! Priceless! Isn't that a kissable face!


  1. Precious and hilarious!!! Those pictures are priceless! Do you think they will show that picture of Brent, after he wins the gold medal in the Olympics?

  2. Oh, my, oh my! These pics are awesome!!! Boots do go with everything! :)