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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New Year

We started a new school year yesterday. Our district always has a convocation and our guest speaker this year was Mrs. Laura Bush. She was a terrific speaker and I really enjoyed it. We were not allowed to take photographs of her unfortunately. It was very intriguing to see the secret service around the building.

Mrs. Bush spoke about the importance of educators and literacy. She told about being a teacher in Dallas and Houston but then quit for 6 months because there were no dating prospects in teaching!! Obviously she worked that out. She went back quickly because teaching wasn't a boring job and I guess the brokerage job she worked out didn't quite hold her interest. She knew she always wanted to be a teacher since 2nd grade and her mother knew too. Her mother overheard her getting on to her stuffed animals for not paying attention when she was teaching them. I can remember doing this myself!!

She started off telling about her family. They had just come back from a vacation in Maine with the extended Bush family. I wish I could remember the funny advice that Barbara Bush gave her! She told us that since they have moved back to Dallas it has been like living like newlyweds because all their furniture is in Crawford. So they are in the process of furnishing their new home. In stand up comedic form she told us that George (as she called him of course but I think we are supposed to refer to him differently - don't tell) rides up and down the street in their neighborhood and introduces himself to the neighbors. She's so funny!

Here is a picture of my first grade team at the convocation. Kimberly, Julie, me, Kristina and Susan

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  1. How neat to start your year by hearing Laura Bush! I pray that this is a wonderful year for you and your students!