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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's time to figure out what my sweet darlings are going to be for Halloween!  I love this picture.  Brent was almost 2 months old and went through 2 outfits in 2 hours. And the glitter that filled my house from this costume, well... you can imagine.  I remember it well. 

Brent wants to be a Candy Corn.  Hmmm.  That comes in a girl costume only, so I think we are going to push the football costume!  HA  Caitlyn wants to be Jasmine.  She just loved her at Disneyworld.  I guess that means we need a black wig!

Things are getting better at the Rickert House.  Writing works wonders.  Dishes and laundry are on the upswing and there is a plan to do meal planning this weekend.  Jeff is even on board to help with meal planning and grocery store shopping.  I pray that it lasts for a while!  He really does help me a lot (between hunting trips!!!)

He is fired up about some new tires and I'm trying my best to get on board and be excited.  YAY!  But it is just not a new pair of shoes. 

Hope things are going well at your house too!

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  1. I bought MC's costume a couple of days ago and was kind of an impulse buy, but things go fast a Costco and never return.