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Friday, September 30, 2011

Well we've gone and done it again.  We lost our soccer jersey, socks and shin guards.  Who does that?  Did I mention on my blog earlier that we lost Caitlyn's tap shoes.  I'm usually pretty organized.  If you've never been in my house, I'd describe it as the opposite spectrum of the hoarders, striving to be organized even better.  My daughter has a box for all her dance stuff and a bag to transport everything on the actual day.  Brent has nothing.  Can you see the problem?  I could just kick myself.

We did the coolest project in my classroom this week (2nd grade).  We are doing habitats and my class researched the ocean.  I had 5 groups.  1) Animal research: Seagull  2) Make a robotic Lego seagull 3) Ocean research 4) Background artists for the presentation board 5) Make the PowerPoint  Ya'll they did such a great job.  Next week we get to Skye our project with another 2nd grade class in our district. Pretty cool!

We got a new fence this week and it looks amazing!  No holes or falling boards.  Only disappointed parties are the dogs.

Caitlyn lost both of her front teeth this week. Tooth fairy visited twice this week!  She looks so adorable, different and big.  Pictures coming soon.  We have been reading a LOT of Junie B Jones books.  She has wanted me to read to her and has resisted reading but she is finally started to read to me, herself and her brother.  Of course there are a lot of, "what is this word mom?" I am beyond proud of her.  I'm working so hard to enjoy every single minute, knowing that it is flying by.

Brent is in a crying phase.  He may be very happy one minute, but will break down in tears the next.  Luckily for me I can usually snuggle him (if he isn't in trouble) when he cries. Um, maybe that is supporting the problem and keeping him a baby.  Okay, okay, I will fix that.  He also kisses me and wipes it off.  Boo.  Or will check to see if I have makeup on before he will kiss me, "No, is that makeup on your face?"  Crazy boy!

Another soccer game tomorrow.  Pray that we will find our jersey or be able to buy a new one tomorrow.  Go Lions!  ROOOOAAAARRRRRRRR

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  1. Love all your blogs and your precious busy little family! Love you!