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Monday, September 26, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

My oh my, I have tried and tried to get pictures of my phone for weeks.  It was working perfectly and now it won't work.  It won't upload to Picasa and won't upload through the trusty cord.  UGH with a big GRRRR!  I finally got it to work by sending lots of emails to myself.  So therefore this blog is random.
Jeff has been doing lots of upkeep on our house.  Baseboards, painting, caulking, just the basic stuff one has to do to keep the house in tip-top condition (I'm so glad he notices these things, cause I do not!). He is so good to get the little ones involved to. 

 So we got them suited up in daddy's work shirts so they wouldn't get their clothes messed up.  We really didn't need to go to all the trouble because they got side tracked pretty quickly.  You know: balls, bikes, sand, play structure, dirt, etc!
 We went to see my parents over Labor Day.  I got to take this picture while we were shopping.  Papa loves to play with his girls. And they were all having a great time, just a bad picture.
 Brent got a balloon bouquet delivery for his 4th birthday with a crocodile attached.  This is his new favorite animal to sleep with.  He loves to run up to his soccer coach, Coach Doug (whom he adores) and tell him that he is 4.  He tells  him this every time he sees him!  LOL
 I love relaxing with my kiddos on the weekend.  Usually pictures are always of something that we are doing. 
I like that in these pictures we are relaxing!  As Brent says, "Cozy!"

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