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Monday, July 16, 2012

Colorado Bound

We hit the road Friday for Durango. Our kids did awesome. I put together a binder with road games like bingo, I Spy, license plate game and ABC game and a map of our destination so that I could point out where we were each time they asked.

They actually didn't watch too many movies which surprised
me. This is Brent and me playing bingo.

Caitlyn was sacked out during our road game.

Jeff drove the entire way. We thought we might stop in Raton and then we decided to push on to Alamosa. Well of course, all the rooms were sold there. 2.5 more hours to Durango, so we called ahead to secure our room and pushed on.

After breakfast Jeff took us to a fishing and hunting spot.

Caitlyn was all about hiking. She lives the outdoors but not the fishing.

Unfortunately Jeff didn't get any bites.

We found good hiking sticks and set off. We spotted 2 bucks and some chipmunks along the lake.

We continued to hike further up the mountain but lunch was calling!

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  1. You are such a good mom, love all of your road trip ideas. Sounds like a great time. That picture of Jeff driving looks IDENTICAL to Brent to me. Like IDENTICAL. Hope the weather was nice for you guys!