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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swim Lessons

We Brent lost the remote control to the DVD to the car.  Long story short, it fell out of my car at the library and I put this all together long after we had left the library.  So we get back from vacation and make our weekly stop and decide to check to see if anyone has turned it in.  I was shocked!  And happy!!  Just as happy as I was when I drove all the way back to Target this morning to see if my phone was still in the basket where Brent had left it.  Someone had turned it in also.  Life.  It's good.  Even with kids.  Just has a few more ups and downs to get you through the day!!!

The kids have been taking swim lessons at our local aquatic center.  It has been great.  Caitlyn is on her back in the middle lane on this picture.  I apologize in advance because the pictures are not great in this post.

Caitlyn has really been taking to swimming.  They are trying to convince to try out for the swim team.  And I think she wants to now.

We weren't going to put Brent in at first, but then we noticed that he could get across the pool by dog paddling (which may or may not be my favorite style).  So we wanted him to learn the strokes as well. 

Bradley is his swim instructor and he will not go with anyone else.  Others will ask him to swim and he will sweetly say, no thanks, I'm just waiting for Bradley.

It is the cutest thing to see your child swim 2 or 3 strides (or whatever they call it) and then go on their side to take a breath.  That is what he is doing in this picture.

I think Caitlyn was doing the butterfly stroke in this picture?

She loves it and they say her long legs and long arms give her a swimmers body.  So this sport may be right up her alley.  We'll see!

They are in the small pool but you can see that there is a bigger pool in this facility with diving boards.  It has been fun to watch the older kids practice.  This is also where we bring our 2nd graders from our district for a week.  It is an awesome program!!

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