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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Play days

Tuesday we had 2 play dates. First we started off with swim lessons followed by breakfast. The kids wanted to eat on the patio but the adults chose otherwise. Look how cute they look.

After swim we picked up our first friend and went to the pool. These kids loved jumping in over and over. They pretty much had the pool to themselves cause it was overcast.

Brent never did try to sun bathe. He may be a fish!

Then we had our next play date. These kids had a great time!!

They played Rapunzel and I was able to enjoy the best dialogue.

The costumes and pictures do not do it justice.

But imagination is at work!!

I love when the tv is off. Caitlyn was of course Rapunzel, Mason was Flynn Ryder and Brent was the lizard.

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  1. I love it they my grandchildren like to play and have a great imagination! Thank you for letting us peek into this precious drama!