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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Views to Canon

Every time we are in Colorado I always make a big deal over the amazing scenery. It's not as big a deal to Jeff because he's grown up with it all his life.

When we crossed over Wolf Creek Pass he stopped at one of the look outs to my surprise so we could stretch, get pictures and enjoy the view. He never stops just for the fun of it!!!


I'm not sure which is more breathtaking, the view or my beautiful children.

Caitlyn took this one. The sky is awesome too!

This isn't the best picture but we are driving along and Jeff points out to me that these mountains are the Continental Divide. Now I'm kind of silly, I know, but that was stuff I only read about in the history books. So to see it is pretty spectacular.

This last picture is of River Road (not officially). It runs along a river and these extremely steep cliffs with signs posted "falling rocks". That freaks me out. I asked Jeff if rocks really do fall and he assures me that they've even had to close the road because sometimes the rocks are so big. Ugh! He tells me not to worry. I finally get it out of my head and then he starts pointing out the fallen rock on the
edge of the road. Thanks Jeff!! Either way it was a beautiful drive.

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