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Friday, July 13, 2012

It was a great day

This was our mantra all day!! The kids had no idea why. But I just kept telling them so.

We started with a few errands: tire rotation, playing at the park, dentist appointments for the kids. Thankfully Brent did so good this time.

Then I had to get a pedicure. So I took the kids. I wasn't sure how Brent would do. I knew Caitlyn would love it.

Brent was a sweetheart. He loved putting his feet in the water but was quick to tell them he didn't want his toes painted. Lol

But finally in the evening came the reason for it being such a good day.

We treated Caitlyn to her first American Girl Doll. Somehow she has found the website and has loved looking at all the dolls and outfits. She has never asked for one, except for Christmas. She has 2 dolls that she takes great care of but they may have alopecia.

When we were there she kept saying, I can't believe I'm here. She has asked recently to go to New York to go to this store and the Dr. Oz show.

She wanted her picture taken with the doll of the year, Makenna.

She chose a doll, outfit and brush.

Her dolls name, this week, is Rebekah. She was very excited to bring her home and introduce her to her other dolls.

Brent got to go play about 14 holes of golf while us girls had our special night.

It was a good day. One of great blessings that I'm so happy I was able to share with my children.

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  1. So fun! Somehow, I've managed to steer clear of the AG store....I'm sure my time is coming...