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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's been crazy

This last week has been super fun, busy and crazy!!! I have had a ton of trainings and then Monday I started back to school. So I feel like I'm back in the rat race of life trying to balance everything! Ha! So far so good.

Caitlyn and Brent have spent a lot of time with our good friend Jenn. I'm so thankful for good friends!! Isn't her baby adorable!!!

We've made time for manis and pedis. This picture cuts off Caitlyns legs but they look entirely too long in this picture. Lol

We got a back to school haircut by the famous Miss Samantha.

And the weather has been incredible. We've been able to play basketball and take bike rides and walks at night.

We've run a LOT of errands. I'm so thankful that my kids can now get in and out of the car quickly. What a gift!!!

August can sometimes be overwhelming but ice cream always helps!!!!!

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  1. We are loving this great weather, too!! Enjoy these last few days before reality kicks in!