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Sunday, August 5, 2012

On the boat

We always enjoy going on the boat with our good friends. Anytime we can go, we do.

Brent was extremely brave this time on the tube. He loved it.

Check out this sweet guy! We share a birthday.

Caitlyn loved it too and just wanted to go faster!

Brent kept asking when it would be time to jump in and go swimming.

Finally it was time to jump in and splash around!

Our driver took his little one for a spin around the lake. He lived it too

Then the three little ones got a turn. I heard Jeff say to the kids before they went , I want to see some tricks.


This is what we got right away!!! Apparently my baby is not a baby anymore.

Caitlyn was the stabilizer.

She finally wanted them to stop doing tricks and to start going fast. Speed is her thing.

Then everyone got brave even at higher speeds. This really shows you how big your children are getting. One minute you're strapping them into a high chair and doing everything for them and the next they are flying through the air over the water doing tricks.

It was a great night.

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