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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Summer

With just 5 days left of my summer vacation, I want to reflect on my summer so I never forget.  Every summer just keeps getting better and this summer was absolutely wonderful!  As with every summer, I just hate to see it go.  (However, saying that I really do love my job and do love to teach.)

I am not a morning person!  I love to sleep in and as I get older I really can't sleep in but I can enjoy doing nothing.  Let me preface by saying I have been up at 5:30 many, many, many mornings with my early risers in years past but finally they are seeing the light!  They now know how to put a piece of cinnamon toast in the toaster, turn on the tv and sit quietly for an hour.  Brent will always run in and announce that is "Mommy Snuggle Time" about every 20 or so minutes.  I love that!  He is my snuggly child. Caitlyn has began to sleep in this summer.  By sleep in, I mean between 8 and 9 and that is usually once a week when her brother doesn't wake her up.

My children have become such good helpers.  They let the dogs in and out, help put groceries away, continue to empty the dishwasher, love to vacuum (we are still working on accuracy though!).  But they have also started bickering more this summer and that breaks my heart. 

Brent has continued to be the little sports guy and watch the Rangers and go play golf with Jeff any chance he gets.

Caitlyn and I have gotten to shop and get our nails painted.  She has also gotten an expander on her top teeth and a lip bumper for her bottom teeth.  It has been both a good and hard journey.    She is such a strong, young girl.

I really do wish I could freeze this summer.  It has been an easy one.  Lots of dancing, crafting, swimming, reading, relaxing, playing, snuggling, and cooking.  Perfect example, Brent just came in and said are you waiting for a snuggle, in is cutest high pitched voice. 

I hope each of you had a great summer too!

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  1. Great post! What sweet memories. And by the way, not sure if you recently changed your blog background or if I'm just now noticing but I like it!