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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diving too

Ms. Heidi worked on diving with Caitlyn and Brent today. They both got a little closer today. It seems to be a difficult skill for all the kids.

Brent was almost there. They are supposed to have straight feet.

Caitlyn did much better today. Last time she only did it a couple of times and was all done. Today she stuck with it the entire time and started getting most of her upper body into the water first. There are a lot of belly flops.

Then they got to race a few times. At first Ms. Heidi had flippers on Brent because he was the youngest. Flippers make one faster which gave him an unfair advantage.

They are both in the 2nd lane. Brent won the first 2 races and Caitlyn got very upset.

I had no idea she was so competitive. So the flippers came off.

Then Caitlyn won the last race, the backstroke. That's the stroke she is the most confident with.

It was fun to see them swim in the big pool. Unfortunately there has been a lot of bickering today and this mommy might need to send them back to the deep end.

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  1. I enjoyed this soooo much. It's great that they like swimming and diving and racing. What fun!