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Friday, August 3, 2012

Cleaning, Future, sleepovers, and cement

This post is full of things that have made our week full. The most interesting is sending children to their rooms and telling them to clean. Ugh!! If anyone has a secret weapon please clue me in!!

He might have been more of a distraction.

And girls have so many little things. Caitlyn is constantly rearranging.

While picking up new soccer shoes someone discovered football pads. And someone wishes he could already wear them.

Not until he's in first grade though.

Just 3 more years. I will try not to blink!

Caitlyn had a sweet little friend over and they all 3 played so well together. Luckily they played sweetly with Brent too or else it could have gotten sticky.

Last year in our extreme 70 plus days of over 100 degree heat our sidewalk separated from our driveway. It fell away even worse this summer, like a 6 inch drop total.

Thankfully no one got hurt and today it was fixed. It's kind of sad what you get excited over when you are an adult!! But this was a great day!

We took full advantage and put their handprints in the sidewalk too. Cause our city didn't cough up the expense, ugh, double ugh!

Lastly I was able to get a ton done in my classroom today. It's a great feeling to get so much accomplished.

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  1. How fun to have their hand prints forever!!

  2. I love your side walk! Super cute. I'm also loving all your summer blogs. I will mss them when you start back to school- good for you for being so productive in your room.

  3. Love the pictures. And so glad the sidewalk is fixed.