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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gotta be Brave

We love to be outdoors, both in the front yard and back yard. But this year has proven to be a bit more challenging in the back. My little guy loves to play baseball or swing, maybe shoot the bow and arrow and we have the perfect yard for it too.

Today while he was playing basketball he ran into a fire any pile while getting the ball. Ick!

We've been swamped by wasps lately and he always ask if they are sleeping now or if he should stay inside. The wasps are actually making nests in the slits in our bricks. Our kids have both been stung recently and it's a little terrifying for them.

Not to mention the West Nile Virus. Whew! Not sure what to think about this, except that I don't want to just have to stay inside at the coolest time of the day but man those little boogers are biting like crazy!!!!!

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