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Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Weekend

We had a great weekend. My parents came down because Brent Tyler was dedicated this Sunday. We had a really great visit. My mom wasn't feeling 100% but seemed to get better over the course of the weekend.

During Brent's dedication, Caitlyn kept "getting" Jeff. She'd say, "I get your ears" "I get your nose". He kept laughing which of course eggs it on and she was laughing. I didn't really notice any of this except the laughter. He finally put her down and she decided to crawl up the stage, luckily Jeff was able to grab her quickly. Fun times.

We didn't go all over town this time, which was so nice. We usually tend to pack in 101 things to do with very little time. My mom helped me pick out colors for my kitchen and living room. I also picked out my master bath and bedroom colors too, now I just have to paint. My parents also babysat while Jeff and I went to dinner on Saturday night. We didn't have to worry about being back at a certain time to relieve the babysitters either (as they could crawl in bed at anytime and they were very cheap too, but good!)

Brent rolled over Sunday night from his back to his tummy. Let's just say - it's on now! It's bitter sweet, I want him to move and crawl and reach milestones - but I wan't him to stay my baby forever too.

This weekend I had a huge crate full of grading to do. I never bring home papers to grade, so it was unfortunate that I was behind and grades were due this weekend, especially with my parents being in town. Jeff helped me grade on Sunday night and then the kids helped me grade with the last few papers today in class, so thankfully I'm caught up again.

I am so tired lately, I remember standing at the sink this weekend and thinking I need to do this, this and this - oh my gosh, I'm never going to get take a nap. Except if you are like me you schedule in naptime for yourself and let the other stuff slide. But I'm tired again. I didn't want to go to the gym but I knew I had to. In fact, on the way to the gym I pondered this thought, "What if I pulled up to the gym, crawled in the back seat and took a nap! Would that qualify as going to the gym?"

Tax season is upon us, we go tomorrow morning and I hope our accountant doesn't suggest that we have another child to keep from paying more taxes? Hehehehe! He wouldn't dare!!!!


  1. What a great weekend it was! You have a great home, family, marriage, church, etc. You have a charmed life. Hope you appreciate it to the fullest. I miss the hugs and looong kisses I got from Caitlyn all the time. And I really loved watching the car DVD with her, just the two of us. I think she did too.

  2. Yes! Napping in the Gym parking lot is going to the Gym! What delightful pictures! Two things struck me! I remember Caitlyn's dedication and when she rolled over at my house! I had to stop napping her on the love seat!