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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Classrooms have come a long way

I rarely speak about my classroom, mainly because of privacy issues, but I can tell you this. I have this new machine in my room, actually a piece of technology that is so awesome.

I'm sure you are very familiar with an overhead projector. When using the OP you have to make transparencies, which are costly and messy.

I now have a Dukane Elmo. It is similar to the OP but it shows color and you don't need transparencies. You can put a book, your hand, a newspaper, alphabet magnets, math manipulative's, etc. and see it on the big screen. It is so cool.

These machines have been around for awhile because I had one in my classroom when I taught at White Rock, 2000 or 2001??? But we only had 2 Elmo's for the whole building. We have maybe 2-4 Elmo's at my new school but the exciting news is (drum roll please!!!!!) all teachers will have an Elmo next year. I'm so excited.

Right now I have one of the few Elmo's in my classroom and it is the best teaching aide ever. I can show students exactly what I want, in color, immediately, without preparation.

And....... you can hook your laptop to the Elmo and project that as well. The advantages are endless and our kiddos benefit greatly.

Has anyone heard of this? Have it in your classroom or your child's classroom?


  1. The forerunner of this is the old heavy, huge opaque projector. Remember when I returned from S. Africa/Kenya and showed pictures at the church? I borrowed Park's projector. You pulled out the tray, put in a photograph and showed it on the screen (you couldn't put a computer to it). Congrats on the new technology.

  2. WOW! I certainly didn't have access to those when I was teaching. That is awesome.