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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Go, Go, Go

So we were off again today! The kids were up today at 7:00. They played (and destroyed) and had a blast.

My sister and her two girls are in town. They got here last night and what an ordeal that was. They flew in and it was very wet here. You can read about her interesting trip alone with two toddlers, spending about 10 hours in an airport here.

The girls are quite mischievous together. Ava moved the table over to the shelf and got down the paint box. But Caitlyn did open the paint and squirt it all over the carpet and pillow. Now I will admit I was totally stupid to put paint in a toy room, put a picture on the box and make it accessible to a child by putting a table nearby. Geez, what was I thinking! Paint is now removed from toy room!

We gave the kids a nap and then headed to the mall. We got to see our cousins and thiner kids. We had a great time with them. They are getting so big!

We hit up an awesome jewelry store but had to shop separately as our children watched a movie in the car. Then we visited our grandma.

It was another long day but filled with so many memories. Here's a good one. Having my sister push my Caitlyn in the stroller when she was screaming her head off while I got to push Brent around - he was dreaming! She was also pushing all 3 girls. Her two girls fit in the backseat of my stroller. She didn't realize she was getting the raw end of that deal - although I offered on many occasions to switch with her.

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