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Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break 08

Kari, the girls and I had a great time. We packed in tons and here is a journal of our time together in pictures!
Olivia on the Merry-Go-Round, she loved it and showed great patience to get on.

Ava, not as much patience to get on - super excited. Every time it would start she was sure it was leaving without us.

Caitlyn was very excited until the man in charge made me put the belt on her. Then break down #1. Joy! But you can double click and check out how great her teeth look. We do a great job of brushing 2 times a day!

Here we are day 3 at the Aquarium/Rain Forest. Here I am, the photographer.

Kari, Olivia and my sweet baby Brent. Kari was a trooper and carried Brent the majority of the time because I have had a crick in my neck. That and 18 lbs. do not go together well.

Olivia, Caitlyn and Ava checking out some fish.

Target, day #5, trying on shoes. 2 things: 1. They picked out some really cute shoes 2. We could of saved a lot of money by just going to Target.

Isn't he precious. And just $19.99. I just love him to pieces!

We had an Easter egg hunt in our front yard. Caitlyn is not really using a paper basket. It is a cool, rectangular wire basket that she chose. I got them off the $1 shelf at Target to further my organization mission.

Brent loved laying on the grass today. Jeff keeps it nice and soft like a blanket.

More of the hunt. Olivia and Ava are more of the typical hunters with baskets in hand. Caitlyn is more of a powered hunter. She puts her basket down and runs around looking for eggs, races back to her basket, checks to make sure there is candy in the egg and that is not a bum egg and then drops it in and off to the next one all in a matter of seconds. Check out Kari's new trench (she is in fashion now!)

Love this face!

Then we took a photo-op. It went well as far as cooperation, but I think Kari would agree that we didn't get a picture that we fell in love with but it was fun and certainly a memory that will forever stick with me.

Spring Break 08 Rocks!
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  1. Cute,cute,darling,darling! I love you all!

  2. Where exactly are you located? Oh my, the green green grass! I cannot wait for spring here!!!