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Monday, March 3, 2008

Toy Room Clean Again!

So apparently this will be the story of my life. Clean, organize, dirty, ignore, clean, organize, dirty, ignore. Repeat, repeat, repeat. So here goes again.

This weekend I conquered the toy room again. I went through every little bin and container and made sure all like things are with the like things. I gave away tons of stuff, moved all the Little People toys to Caitlyn's room and rearranged the furniture. I even took pictures of what was supposed to go in each basket in hopes that Caitlyn and visitors would know where to return items. Sometimes visitors clean up the toy room (that was dirty to begin with) and just put toys in containers so that the floor is clean. I even do this at other's homes. This is a good thing unless you are really picky about where things go, of course never bad enough to deny help cleaning the toy room though. So hopefully the pictures will help! Again, I hope they especially help Caitlyn. Already she has enjoyed playing with the baskets of toys, pulling them out specifically by their pictures.
I moved the table by the window to entice her to sit here and play calmly.

I labeled these boxes to remind what is in here and to use these craft items more often.

You can laminate your own labels at home by using packing tape over the front and folding over the back, trim the sides. Then use strings to hang on the basket. Now we'll see how long it stays on the basket before being ripped off.

I just love moving the furniture around, it gives the room a new, clean look!

I know the label should have said Baby Toys instead of Baby Things! Oops!

Here is Caitlyn playing a game with Brent!

Brent is playing his first game. He has officially played twice now. He is a good sport and does whatever Caitlyn tells him to do.

On a side note, I showed my students the pictures from Camp Write A Lot and on the same camera disk were tons of pictures of my kids even dating back to Christmas. So I let them see them all, cause of course I'm so happy to show them off. So here she is getting toy after toy and I hear one of my students say, "She gets lots of toys". Then another says, "That's because both of her parents work." Silly kids. Funny thing is the one who said that has two parents who work outside the home. I explained that her toys are less inexpensive then their toys cost so can have more but as she gets older she will get less because they will increase in price.

Oh yeah, BTW, I got my hair cut. I like it and it seems others do as well. Although I have had to students who admitted they really liked it longer better but they did quickly tell me it was very pretty still.


  1. You and your mother are always organizing things. I am impressed at your order. And the pictures are really a great idea for "helpers". I love organizing too, but more in the business area than the toy area. BTW, you have cute kids.

  2. You are a beautiful and amazing person, who accomplishes beautiful and amazing things!

    The labels are adorable and I love the picts of Brent playing his first game with Caitlyn.

  3. Oh, can tell you're a teacher :)