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Monday, March 17, 2008

Too Much

There is so much going on today. This is in no specific order.

  1. Brent held his own bottle for his entire last feeding.
  2. Brent was grinding his gums today and has some serious drool going on. Teeth coming soon? Hmmmmm. Maybe within the next 0-6 months!
  3. Caitlyn has shopped, driven her car, played with her play-doh, set out about 15 bowls in a straight line for all her friends to come over (more about that later), played in the back yard with the dogs, eaten goldfish out of a basket (thank you Cali for cleaning that up!)
  4. I have vacuumed the stairs, living room, play room, done loads of laundry, gone to the dentist, gone to Target, made 2 phone calls to straighten out insurance matters (we still don't know how much Brent costs), done all the regular household chores and let's just throw in many more!
  5. So Caitlyn is beginning to put napkins, utensils, plates and now bowls out for her friends. I'm not playing along. When she told me that I looked around and said, "I don't see anyone" Put them away so they'll be clean if anyone shows up. She starts to count them and even has the "non"sense to spit in one bowl. I guess she thinks she can hang on to that one. She is such a stinker.
  6. I have straightened up the garage and taken the double stroller out of the back of my vehicle to make room for luggage.
  7. I have added two more car seats in the third row of my vehicle. There are now 4 car seats in my car. CRAZY! I'm either going to start my own daycare or pick up my sister and her kids tomorrow!!!!!! Can't wait.

So let's break from the list. Caitlyn is becoming a little diva. Today she wanted to go back outside and I had told her no. She looked up at me, came closer, threw her head back, squinted her eyes and added a sparkle and said with all the attitude she could muster, "I said, I want to go outside!" Poor thing, has been reacquainted the naughty spoon today on several occasions. I on the other hand have been reacquainted with myself!

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