Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So we've been sick. Well really I've been sick. Caitlyn and I both tested positive for strep on Friday but for her it was just a test reading and for me, well it has kicked my butt. It feels like there are 20 things in my throat and without ibuprofen my life doesn't exist. But of course we all know that life as mom just keeps on going. My husband thinks I am super mom and I am amazed at how much he thinks I can handle when I'm sick. But I guess I should give him some credit because I do have some trouble with asking for help, at least in a polite, upfront, before I'm out of patience type of way. I have used every spare minute to sleep and I am going to do head back to bed now, well as soon as I'm done blogging and checking blogs.

We did go to the furniture store (our favorite rustic store is changing locations and will be out business for who knows how long) and Chili's yesterday. We went to church this morning and I was supposed to go to Super Target afterwards but was just too tired, so I opted for later on that. After all it is Spring Break and I can do that any day. Actually sometime soon as Brent will need to eat (formula) and I only have about 5 more meals for him.

Check back soon for a 6 month and 1 week in review of my little man. He looks so big and he weighs so much more than Caitlyn did at this stage in the game.


  1. Hope you guys are feeling well soon--we're sick too, it must be going around!