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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Caitlyn Loves Brent

Caitlyn has never been jealous of Brent. In fact, the first time she saw Brent in the hospital she climbed right up in bed with me and asked me if she could hold him. He has always been her baby.

When we took Brent for his 1 year old shots we all got our flu shots. Normally Caitlyn does not stay in the room when Brent gets his shots but this time it was easier to keep her in since she'd already be crying from her own shot. She did indeed cry but not near as hard as when she saw Brent get his shot. She leaned her head back and bawled, crying, "Not my baby!" The nurse was stunned at her loving behavior. Brent let out a tiny whimper but he has great "hamhocks" so of course it didn't bother him much.

The other night I put Brent to bed and Caitlyn was right by my side. As we turned out the light and closed the door, Brent popped up and started crying. Caitlyn saw his face and it was really sad (I try not to look myself when I leave the room). She cried again because Brent was upset and she proclaimed, "He doesn't want to sleep. Please mommy go get him." Luckily for us both, he only cries for about 30 seconds.

Yesterday Brent was sick and throwing up all evening. Their babysitter reported that even though Brent threw up on her hand she still patted him on his back and said, "It's okay baby." She was very concerned about him all evening. (She still doesn't grasp the concept of a gentle pat but she does pat with love.) The first words out of her mouth this morning were to inquire if Brent was still sick.

It is so fun to watch Caitlyn interact with Brent.


  1. What a wonderful big sister! Her exuberance comes through in every area of her life.

  2. How precious! Nothing warms my heart more than to see my kids loving on each other. I think it is very sweet that she is so protective of him. I'll bet as he gets older he will be crazy about her too.

  3. Oh my gosh. Your heart must swell when you get to see that in action. That is truly touching. A story to keep and share with them when they're older.

  4. What a sweet and funny post!! I love the shot comment. That's hilarious.

  5. What a sweet girl. Already such a sweet little mommy!