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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Brent has some new words!

He has been communicating for a very long time now when he is hungry. It goes something like this - whaaaaaa! But it sounds much more fierce and direct. He has even more recently reached for my hand and directed me towards the pantry when he is hungry.

He says dada and some form of mama, but mostly dada. Rats! Recently he has picked up the word "uh oh".

This morning he said Caitlyn. I was getting him dressed and while I was doing so I wanted to start waking Caitlyn, so I started calling her name. He twisted his body to the side towards her room, looked as if he was trying to see her and repeated her name. Now let me fully explain that it would not have been coherent to any bystander except his mom. But it was clear as mud to me. He was facing her room, looking and repeating and it. It began with a "c" sound and had all the right syllables. It was clearly Caitlyn. He said it about 4 times. The same word.

He is becoming so aware of his surroundings and able to process directions (when he wants to). It is so cool to see his development. I can't believe we are already here, to the point that he is beginning to talk. Where does the time go? My baby is growing so fast!

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  1. What a precious little boy! Oh my, he is growing up so fast. What an interesting personality is developing! I can't wait to see him and kiss those fat little cheeks.