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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clean again - but for how long?

I cleaned out the toy room, Caitlyn's room and I'm almost finished with Brent's room. I organized every bin of toys and am selling about half of our toys at a new toy place in town. I'm so excited.

I started during nap time yesterday and got so much done. I knew I needed to get it finished or mostly completed before Caitlyn got in the mess. She was so cool about the project though. She asked what I was doing with all the toys. I told her I was giving them away so we could get new toys. She said, "Can I help?" I said, "Come on!"

When we went to her room and started cleaning she got so into it she was ready to give all her clothes, bedding, and pillows away. Seriously - she is ready for a clean start. Well at least she got some of the concept, huh? Love her!

One interesting thing I've noticed about my second child is that he does not play with baby toys, at all. He is so into all of Caitlyn's toys. I have to rethink all of the toys I am going to get him for Christmas that's for sure.


  1. That is the best feeling, clutter free!

  2. How about selling Caitlyn's toys and buying them back for Brent? Seriously, I'm impressed!

  3. Hey! We've done that a million times....seems like more always appears :) My girls always love to do that & donate before Christmas....Cute pictures!