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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Caitlyn's 6th Birthday Party!

We had waited a long day for Caitlyn's birthday party.  It was originally planned for Jan. 30th, but Caitlyn woke up that Sunday morning very sick.  We had already planned not to take Brent to church that day and had made other arrangements for him during the party since he had the flu, but then at 5:00 Caitlyn was sick too.  It ended up being only a 24 hour stomach bug, but we had to make the painful decision to cancel the party.  Caitlyn didn't even cry, which shows just how sick she was.

Anyway, back to the party day!  We were so ready to have the Par-tay!!! 

 Caitlyn wanted her party at the Rise Gymnastics place.  It was a great place to have it.  There were wonderful to work with!
   We were so glad that Brent was able to join us too.
 Just a few of Caitlyn's sweet friends!  Aren't they adorable!
 They all had a chance to fly!  Forgive the spots on my camera, it was from the lighting.
 Brent loved jumping - shocking, huh?

 5 of her friends were able to stay the whole time.  Unfortunately many of her friends had schedule conflicts today. But it was the perfect of amount of FUN.

 They enjoyed so many fun games and free time.

 And the cake was yummy to

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  My how you have grown up so fast.


  1. I hate that we had to miss it! It looks so fun! Happy Birhtday Party to Caitlyn!

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