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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sledding and Gaming

When I was kid one of the best surprises was when my mother would wake me up in the morning and tell me it was a snow day.  I would look out my window and see 3-5 inches or so and remember thinking it was the best day ever. 

Today, I got to surprise my children with snow outside.  It was already a canceled day of school and our 4th day off, but my little ones didn't know it was supposed to snow.  And I had no idea it was going to snow 6+ inches.

The snow was a powdery mix and perfect for sledding.  This was our first sledding adventure and we had a perfect time.  
 Brent had a great time.  He had a hard time getting back up the hill at first, but when he finally figured it out, he would be so proud and say I made it to the top!  Check out his snow covered gloves.  He didn't care.  He didn't complain not one time!
 Here is Caitlyn and a friend sledding down a hill.  We had a number of sledding apparatus's (sp?) and each one was so much fun!
 We brought the top of our recycling container and I was a bit worried about how it would work.  It was the fastest and one of the top in demand to slide down the hill!
 Caitlyn and I are getting ready to go down the hill. 
 Here we are at the bottom!
 At one point, my best friend Jenn went down on the same lid and was going so fast she almost wiped out Brent but instead picked up Brent, threw him in her lap and they continued to the bottom.  Thank goodness for her fast moving and thinking.  Wish I could have gotten that on camera!
 To get up the hill took a lot of work.  The snow was packed down very good and it was very slick!
 Brent also enjoyed running and jumping in the snow!
 I love how they love each other so much!  Even after 4 days of togetherness!!!
 Down, down, down!
 Here goes mom, fast first!  That green floaty, was super fast and I went so fast right into all those bushes!  Awesome.

I was kind of dreading bundling up the kids and getting out in the cold.  I mean it is a lot of work.  But I had just as much fun as the kids and I did get to wear my snow boots!  I am ready to go again tomorrow.
 When we aren't playing in the snow, we are playing board games. 
 Brent has gotten very good at this Thomas the Tank Engine game.  It helps him recognize dots on a dice without counting them, numerals to 4 and matching.  Not to mention, waiting his turn and being happy for others when they win.  Oh yes, Caitlyn can still work on that too.
This is what I call a good time and what memories are made of. 

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