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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sadie Girl

Sadie, our 8 month old puppy, has been away at training since January.  She came home for the weekend and she is doing so awesome! (Sorry, this post is long but it is mostly pictures!)
 This weekend we have taken her for a couple of walks.
 Here is my baby little boy on his bike.  He went all the way around the block on his big boy bike.  I guess there is no turning back.  Tricycle will probably be the next item to go!
 It is pretty impressive to see your 6 year old walking your 8 month old lab, especially if you saw her walk 2 months ago.  Caitlyn has a new found love for hunting now and I think her dad is trying to hold back his excitement just in case she changes her mind.
 Here's my crew, minus Cali, we tried to bring her but she was a little too sore on this beautiful morning.
 I think Sadie is even cuter now then she was before she left.  She is definitely calmer!!

 I think I can!  As we got home, he rang his bell - so stinking adorable!
 Dixee, Sadie and my precious love Cali.  Gosh she looks old in this picture.  She is my very first dog as an adult.

 Susan, all these pics of Sadie are for you.  Well and for me too, since she went back to hunting school today. 
 It sure was fun to have her home.
 Now that she is so far along in her training she can start coming home on the weekends and we won't mess her up!

 We have a great running area right down the street.  We found it for sledding and it is great for dog and kid running!  We went twice this weekend to hang out with Sadie's brother who lives down the street - a whole new kind of play date! HA
 Sadie is on the left and her brother, Griff is on the left.
Here is a family pic, so to say!  Jenn is the proud owner of Griff. These puppies were worn out!


  1. Hey.. I sent you an email last Monday. I just wanted to be sure you got it. My email has been having all kinds of problems!!

  2. Love your pictures especially the chocolate, black and yellow in a row. That would make a great card!! We adore labs, especially well behaved ones that small children can walk. When our labs were puppies, we had them in obedience training and it made a HUGE difference. By the time children arrived on the scene, even our 2-year old toddlers could take the dogs for walk, on leash, and they'd stay right with them. Of course, by then, our dogs were nearly 12 and moved extremely slow - but it was still impressive!

    Your family is beautiful!