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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Six Wonderful Years

 Caitlyn Faith turned 6 last week.  Every birthday I say the same thing, "It is so hard to believe!"   The years have flown by so quickly.
Cailtyn is such a fun loving girl.  She absolutely adores her brother.  She loves to dress up and dance.  She loves to play Barbies, write cards to everyone, color and make crafts.  She is a pro at the computer and my cell phone!  She is picking up very fast on reading and loves to do homework (which she doesn't have but makes up).  She will play football with her daddy and Brent and she can still tackle Brent just about every time.  She is pretty responsible for a 6 year old and I am so proud of her!

She has made these past 6 years the best years of my life. 


  1. I cannot believe it either. I remember when she was just a baby in her carrier in your classroom at RLE.

    Hey would you email me and give me all the details (that you know) about the teddy bear sleepover? I think that is SO cute! I would love to do that with my team, but obviously I need to explain all of the logistics and stuff and need some more details.

  2. You are a blogging fool lately :) Happy Birthday to Caitlyn... didn't realize her middle name is Faith... pretty!