Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Thursday, February 24, 2011


This week has entailed 3 nights of online training.  Unfortunately when I have to bring home work this makes me tired, cranky and takes me away from family.  I fill rushed and like my time is sabotaged.   I am so thankful to be on the last half of this week and to be able to cross it off my list.  And of course, to be a better teacher also!

Tonight I needed to change all the sheets on the bed and I was thrilled to have a little helper.  Caitlyn was a super, sweet helper.  She loved every minute of it. It was so much fun to fluff the sheets with her.  I just hope she continues to love it as the years go on.  Ha!

She brought home her first writing papers tonight.  Jeff and I are thrilled with them.  She wrote about her dance recital and our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  They were so good.  In fact, if I wasn't so tired I would take a picture and post them here, but...

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