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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teddy Bear Sleepover

 Caitlyn has been studying about bears in Kindergarten.  They invited all the kindergartners back to school last Thursday for a Teddy Bear Sleepover. 
Jeff took Caitlyn.  First they measured their teddy bears.
 They drew pictures of their bears (or in her case her dog).  Jeff took that picture on his phone.  She did a really good job so imagine that in your head!  They estimated how many gummy bears in a jar on their table.  They ate teddy bear cookies.
 They wrote their teddy bear a note.  Caitlyn's said, Bear don't be scare of night.
 Their teacher read them a bedtime story.
 And then they put their beds to bed.  The next morning they had to go to the gym first so they wouldn't wake their bears. 
 But the bears had other plans!  They didn't sleep.  When the kids walked in the music was blaring and I've never seen kids so quiet and in such awe!!!
 Caitlyn told her Mimi later that the bears ordered pizza and had popcorn.
 They obviously made a wreck of the room.
 Caitlyn's bear/dog was on top of the cabinet.  Her dog told her that he didn't make any of the mess but that he just got of there and watched. 
 There were bears hanging from the ceiling too.
The kids got had to clean up after their bears. Caitlyn loved it and will have memories for years! 


  1. Such fun memories for our little guys!

  2. How fun! Great idea and I love her note!