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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maverick Maniacs!

Jeff took Caitlyn to the Mavericks game for her birthday.  They got our dear friends seats and were able to sit court side. It was easy to spot her on tv with her red hair and purple outfit.  Jeff said she enjoyed dancing!  This is one of her typical new poses, which is actually better than one of her other poses, not smiling.  Unfortunately later this night/early the next morning she got sick with a stomach bug and we had to cancel postpone her birthday party.
We took the kids to the Mavs game on Monday night.  We had seats in the nosebleeds fthis time.  This was Brent's first time and he couldn't wait to get into the arena.  I tried to get a cute picture of the two of them with no success, no smile and blurry. 
Here was our view.  Much different from Caitlyn's view the other night (which was her first time to the game).
Our dear friends decided at the last minute not to use their floor seats so Jeff and Brent got to use the court side seats.  Brent was pumped up!  Or should I say, Jeff was pumped up!  Brent was really into the game.  He cheered when the right team made a basket, knew when to yell defense and was into the game the entire time. 
 Jeff bought him the jersey the other night when he brought Caitlyn.  Brent was so proud of it and wanted to wear it the entire weekend.  We would only let him wear it to school and he was telling all of his teachers about the game.  When Jeff picked him up from school, he ran out saying, "I'm so excited!"  Caitlyn would have nothing to do with the jerseys, they were for boys!
At half time the girls kicked the boys out of the court side seats.  Even far away from the court Brent loved the game and was into every bit of it.  Jeff loves that his boy loves football, baseball, basketball and of course hunting!  I guess he will have to get into pedicures real fast too!
 Caitlyn of course loved dancing and making silly faces on the camera!
She is so silly!  It was a fun night and we planned a late night out perfectly because we had the next day off of school to sleep in.

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