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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

8 months in Review

Brent is growing so big right before our eyes. He is beginning to eat some big people food. Here you can see him chowing on a quesadilla. Don't worry I picked out the cheese! He loved it especially with guacamole!

He is sitting up much more and although he loves to be on his belly to scoot around everywhere he is starting to get up on his hands and feet more regularly and rock back and forth. Once he figures out to move his hands at the same time, my life will change dramatically.

Caitlyn is such a good helper. She is always there to take away her toys from him, but immediately replace them with his toys. In fact, he never has to sit anywhere without toys. She always brings him something to play with!

He has his bottom 2 front teeth and loves using them to chop any food he can reach or toys.
He is still an exceptionally good baby. My friends were over the other night and were amazed that I could turn the light on while he was sleeping.

He is getting better at getting small edible items into his mouth. For along time, they've ended up in his palm and now he can get them in the right grasp to get them in his mouth. That is the significance of the picture below.


  1. Wow! What a cutie. Does he have blue eyes like his Papa?!