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Friday, May 16, 2008

Caitlyn Update

Caitlyn has grown up so much. Jeff said tonight while looking at her that she is growing so fast. And it is so true.

Last night I went to bed early and watched tv in my room while Caitlyn watched a movie with Jeff. She came down a little bit later and knocked on the door and let herself in.
She said, "I'm checking on you. Are you okay? Are you sleeping?"
I said, "No I'm just watching TV."
"Does your neck hurt again? Does your head hurt?
"No. I'm just tired."
"Okay. I'll lay down with you."
These are the types of instances that I am beginning to get to enjoy on a regular basis. I love it!

She is such a good big sister. She is so happy when Brent wakes up in the morning. She loves to hold his for him (even though he can do it himself). She always makes sure he has a toy to play with.

A good friend of mine said once that her daughter seemed to have one bad week of behavior for a good month of behavior. Well I guess it has been our week. Caitlyn has gotten in trouble at the sitter for the first time ever. She hit a little boy and threw mud in a little girls face. So I made her wait out her punishment until we got home and did our chores (feed the dog, put away our bags, etc.) but I kept reminding her of what would happen. That seemed to make a great effect. So did the consequence! Then 2 days later she lied to her babysitter. The sitter saw her spit on a mirror and she blamed it on someone else. Oh man.

She has become very particular about her shoes. For awhile she loved her "flippers", those are what you and I would call flip-flops but now they will not do. Tonight I had to go get her new sandals because her toes were hanging off her old sandals. This was the first time I was worried she wouldn't like what I brought home. Luckily I scored and she loved my choices!

She got to go to Chuck E Cheese tonight because she is potty trained! PTL!!!!! She is even napping pull-up free.

She loves to snuggle, help me cook, color, write anywhere with any writing utensil, play outside with the dogs, ride her bike, ride the four-wheeler with her dad, fish, play in the dirt, watch Dancing with the Stars and American Idol with mommy and dance, and she loves the letters of the alphabet. She knows her letters and their sounds. She even knows how to write some of them. We are proud of her. Now if she can just learn her colors, sometimes she knows them and sometimes not - so I've decided she must be color blind!!!! J/K! She counts funny too!

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  1. This is one busy girl. I can just see her on the move, never still too long. I mean, hey, there is lots to do -- as you listed for us. Bet she could teach a buzzing bee a thing or two. Sorry she does wrong things, but that is part of the learning process - all things (good and bad) have consequences. Sure makes a busy life for a mother, though. I love you all.