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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Field Trip

Tuesday we went to the Renaissance Faire in Waxahacie. That's over an hour away from our school. Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't cooperate. So we had an hour delay getting started, so right off the bat things were crazy!!!!! Kids were pretty bummed. I just told them to pretend they were at the airport! and we threw on a movie. Anyway, I had no idea the Faire was on a field. So rain+ field = muddy shoes. Oh bother. I'm going to need so new tennis shoes!

Then we had tons of parents not show up at the bus in time . The schedule that all chaperone's had said we had to leave at 1:20. We told them 1:20. We pulled out of the parking lot at 2:00. So we didn't get back until 3:00 and that's because our bus driver hauled butt. Our parents don't realize that our buses actually have to take other students home from other schools. They messed up the whole district. It was sooooo frustrating. It rained on us too. Did I mention that?

Other than that, it was fun though!

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  1. Is it really a bother to have to buy new tennis shoes?