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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day at the Zoo

It was a fabulous, out of this world , wonderful, hold in my heart forever kind of day! So I will share it with you actually in reverse! That's the way my pictures loaded! So think of it like you are getting to eat dessert first and working your way back towards the appetizer! Enjoy my sweet babies!
Here's my babies 2nd ride on the ferris wheel, but first good pictures! Isn't he getting too big?

He's crashed out! Isn't he so cute?

Caitlyn and Daddy riding what she calls the "jaguar".

In the Children's Zoo you can go in a section and feed the birds, Brent is not so sure about the birds.

Caitlyn is okay as long as she can just look and talk about holding the food on a stick.

Jeff has the touch and the birds come to him. In fact, when he takes the birds to other children and walks off the birds fly back to his shoulders. What can I say, everyone and everything loves him?

Isn't that a precious smile? 8 months ya'll, where is the time going?

This is my monkey I brought to the zoo. This is his favorite activity. He also loves hanging upside down the other way and fights me when I try to put him upright!

I often want to sit with my arms crossed and stare off into nature and do nothing too!

Here we are on the monorail! I was quite impressed with this ride/tour!

And here is Caitlyn with the penguins!


  1. I love these pictures. Caitlyn is so pretty, and with the pictures I get to see what she looks like when she is still. She has such a pretty glow about her. That picture of Brent on the carousel (not ferris wheel) is so good! His eyes are so intense and bright. Yes, you have a great husband, and I am very proud of him -- to the max. You are blessed, dear girl. Love you.

  2. What a blessed day! Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures! I love the one of Brent upside down!