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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Successful Garage Sale

Today was our semi-annual neighborhood garage sale, so I opened our doors at 8:30. Well that's when I could pull myself out of the bed and start ticketing items. We didn't have much to sell but we had big items: lawn mower, baby swings, bath tubs, infant carrier, etc. and a weight bench and some baby clothes. I was able to sell it all in 2.5 hours and made a great profit!

Caitlyn was a great helper too. She laid out the clothes - all over the place! And she cleaned the weight bench with a scrubber - the new owner is very proud - it shines now!

When we came in I started to fix a piece of toast, she popped around the corner and cutely asked, "what you doing?" She was so excited when she realized she could have some toast. She is going to snack her way through life!

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