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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rachel's Rally

Our character education program for our district this year originated from the Columbine shooting. Rachel was the first victim that was killed. She was committed to living her life reaching out to others who were outcasts, sitting by themselves at lunch, etc. Her legacy has become reminding others to act kindly towards others. (This is not our school website but there is a ton of good information here, easy and informative!)

This year our elementary students wrote down on strips of paper anytime they saw acts of kindness. We made chains of kindness in our classroom, which we eventually moved to the halls of our school. Then on May 8th at 7 pm, all schools brought their chains to the high school football field and linked our chains together. They wrapped around the football field track 2 times. It was very moving and especially emotional to see Rachel's parents there watching how there daughters life is still affecting boys and girls 9 years later. They must be so sad to have lost her so early, but yet so proud that her life is so full of meaning! Here are the students bringing the chains onto the field. You can the see the mass of students waiting to come onto the field still. They were coming on the field "Olympic" style!
Here we are watching. Check out Brent in one of the 1st grade teachers arms. We all purchased Rachel's Rally t-shirts and wore them every Thursday for the entire year.

Here is a picture of Rachel's dad speaking and her mom beside him.

Here is a picture of our students. This is mostly the choir that performed that did an outstanding job bringing me to tears!

Here is the "chicken" that Caitlyn really wanted to see up close. Go Rockwall-Heath Hawks.

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