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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend Hustle - Houston Wedding

We made a mad dash to Houston this weekend for a family wedding. Jeff's cousin got married. We were joined by Jeff's mom, two sisters, 3 nephews, and 2 nieces to caravan. They met us here from Colorado and made the trek this far with us.

We met up with all of his mom sisters, most of which I've never met and 3 of his great aunts. It was really nice to meet so much of his extended family.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and they spent a small fortune. The chapel was set in the woods, in a glass cathedral (as was the reception). They had a coloring table for the kids. They brought out chicken tenders and french fries for the kids when they passed out salads. Much to my dismay and Caitlyn's excitement they had a large candy table set up. It was beautiful!

Our kids did awesome on the trip, even though they were up until 12:30 on Friday evening. Not my choice - believe me! It was nice to have so much family around to help with the kids!

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