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Monday, April 28, 2008

Brent at 7 months

Brent at 6 months

Brent at 7 months! What a change! He can still sleep mostly anywhere though.

He now sits up very well, although he really likes being on his stomach and up on his hands and knees, trying desperately to crawl, but unfortunately he keeps scooting backwards. He is cutting his first tooth on the bottom front, it is peeking through already. But he is a tough guy and doesn't fuss over it.

He is starting to get fussy when he sees others eat and he doesn't get a piece of it. I believe it was about this time that Caitlyn got her piece of real food to gum on (in Coleman), it was a pork chop. Yeah, we do things different here in Texas! But she loved it!

Brent is such a fun, easy baby! We are blessed in that we can put him down for his naps and walk away, he might play, talk or even fuss around for a while but will finally go to sleep. He wakes the same way. We can go in his room and clean, put away clothes, mess with him directly and he won't wake up. I know a lot of it is his age and boy do I love this age. It is such a fun, incredible time. Tonight we played peek-a-boo in his crib for a long time behind his bedding. He just laughed for the longest time.


  1. What a sweetie! I can see so much of both of you and Jeff in him! wish I could squeeze him!

  2. I am so sorry I can't be there every day to play with him. I feel like I am losing a great part of something. Thanks for the regular pictures and updates.