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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4 More Days

I'm so excited that Christmas break is almost here! I have this vision in my head of getting to sleep in, stay in my pjs, and watch tv all day.

Well I can probably pull off the pj's but thats about it.

We are making gingerbread houses next week along with a Jingle Bell Run and class parties. We are also going to rotate through all 5 4th grade classes and do a special "Texas" Christmas activity. Mine is going to be the 12 "Texas" Days of Christmas.

I was researching that and the history of the song is very interesting. It is a Christian song. Google 12 days of Christmas and have fun exploring. We are going to change it up to be Texas gifts. Boots, cowboy hats, steer, etc.

I'm taking the kids to Northpark Mall in Dallas on Saturday. There are trains, penguins, and singers. It is a neat place to visit during the holidays. My dad actually asked my mom to marry him there a while back!

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