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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

We have a beautiful Christmas tree this year. It is tall and skinny just like I wanted. It has beautiful red bows, white lights, gold and red Christmas balls and wonderful, memorable ornaments. (I posted a picture recently.)

Caitlyn is very intrigued with the tree as well. She swings it's limb and pulls at the lights. She has broken two ornaments, one of which was her First Christmas ornament. And if that wasn't bad enough, there are lots of wrapped gifts under the tree with lots of bows and Dora wrapping paper to intrigue her. She has opened one present and now is upset that the Diego puzzle is no where to be found and she has been caught trying to open one of Brent's presents. Something like 15 more days to Christmas. We can't wait.

On another subject, I got to shopping with a friend today. We only took Brent. I don't think he is going to be a shopper. He was good, but he was ready to just lay flat when he got home.

I bought him a Bumbo at a second hand store. This is a cushiony chair that has recently been recalled because of accidents. It is a cool seat that babies can sit in when they can hold their heads up. They are not strapped down so you can't leave them by themselves, especially if they are not on the floor. But it is a cool seat that lets them be a part of the action, sitting up, as long as you are beside them. For example, you can wash dishes while they sit right beside you. I am hoping this will really help doing chores around the house.

I'm also excited about the Dora tent I got for Caitlyn at the second hand store. I have been wanting to get one for her and it was only $8.50!

I wish I could say my Christmas shopping is all finished, but I think I'm going to finish up on December 24th! How is your shopping going?

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  1. You are such a good blogger! I love to read about your family. I have almost no Christmas shopping done and I don't even think it has be worried - yet. That could be a problem. Have you considered taking most of the presents out from under the tree so they aren't so tempting. You can leave a few to make it interesting but imagine her face on Christmas morning when she comes down to a significant increase in the packages. It is way too hard on Emily to have many presents under the tree. The anticipation is just too much - and she is 11! I want her to enjoy so I just keep them hidden and that way she doesn't have to worry about it. Also, it is a good crime deterent.
    Love you!