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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Break

We are officially on vacation. I got so many loose ends and phone calls taken care of today and was able to squeeze in a long nap - yeah!

Brent has sampled his first bit of apple juice, because he has been very constipated. It seems like he is feeling better. There is nothing worse than seeing your sweet baby look at you with pain in his face.

Caitlyn has been way into Play-doh lately. She enjoys getting any and every utensil and cookie cutter out to transform the dough.

The last two days at school were really neat. We did Texas Christmas activities. I did an activity where we changed the words of the 12 Days of Christmas to make it Texas style. They turned out really cute. We made gingerbread houses, had a jingle bell run and had a sing-a-long. The whole school sings Christmas songs for 30 minutes why the room moms get your class ready for the party. Singing has never been allowed in any school I have taught in before. I have found another reason why I love my new school district. It was so refreshing to sing with my kids and more importantly to know that my little ones can grow up singing Christmas songs in school.

I have 66 students and I got some good loot. Gift cards to Starbucks, ornaments, tons of candy and fudge, and lots more.

Part 2 - I started this email yesterday and had to finish it today. One quick story before I post, Caitlyn was playing a DVD tonight (she can operate the whole thing on her own - and no I didn't teach her this) and the DVD wouldn't play. I thought maybe she didn't have it in there all the way so I had her check it, that wasn't the problem. After I checked it and found out it was dirty from finger prints (I wonder whose?) I showed her how to clean it off. Later on I found her stopping the DVD to clean it. She said, "I fixed it!"

During this same DVD she was eating a granola bar. She said, "Hold it. I have to dance." She started her cute little boogie dance. It was so cute.

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