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Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy Week

This week has flown by. We now have 7 days left of school before the winter break. Almost everyday there is something impacting our schedule. We have had 2 assemblies, Big Blast party (culminating activity for a fundraiser), gingerbread house judging and my favorite a Teacher Luncheon.

I told my students it was the Big Blast Lunch! The PTA served the entire faculty lunch for 2 hours today in the library. NICE! A parent covered our rooms. Some of the students asked to go and I said sure. As long as they could provide we with their diploma. One student came up with her "College Bound" card later. Hehehe! Then at the end of the day two of my boys brought me notes. They were made up diplomas from A&M with a crazy professor name I didn't recognize but I'm sure was from a TV show or movie. They just laughed and laughed. The neat thing was one of the boys hadn't really opened up and didn't seem to enjoy school and 4th grade. I'm glad he was able to share a joke with me.

Tonight I stopped at a little 2nd hand store in my small town of Fate. I found a really cute sweater vest for Brent and a Christmas dress for Caitlyn. Unfortunately the shop is overpriced. I was able to bargain to get the dress for a price I was willing to pay. I got it for 50% less. It's a Blueberi Boulevard brand, which I have never heard of. I hope it works because some of her 3T dresses are too short.

We have cleaned out the attic and given all Caitlyn's clothes to a nurse at Jeff's office who had a baby girl and needs clothes. We are also giving Brent's outgrown clothes to another nurse. It feels good to help others but it is kind of scarey because it is pretty much saying we won't have anymore kiddos.

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