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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost Christmas

I am so excited for Christmas. I think we are all ready. We are going to drive around tomorrow night and look at Christmas lights and then open one gift.

My mother gave us an interactive kid-friendly nativity and we have been reading that. It is still quite over Caitlyn's head but she does know who baby Jesus is.

We went to church this morning and wore our Christmas outfits, well minus me. I just wore what fit!

The sermon was good. It was about Christmas and why there is Christmas. The part that stood out to me was Christmas is for truth and grace. That Jesus gives us grace which means he loves us right now. Our pastor related that to a new born baby and how you love them for what they are right now even when you don't know how they will be or what they will do when they grow. Even when you are having to do everything for them and on top of that the keep you up at night.

We had some dear friends of ours over last night to open Christmas presents. Caitlyn opened everybody's Christmas presents. She is going to have a ball on Christmas morning.

I will be posting some Christmas pictures later. Until then we wish you safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!

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