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Friday, December 21, 2007

Can't go back to Target for a while

This morning, a quick trip to Target turned in to great blogging material. I totally made a fool of myself. Caitlyn, Brent and I went to Target to pick up a few things. We had gone to breakfast with Jeff, dropped him off at work and needed to go to Discount Tire. Well Brent was not happy with the bottle I packed, the nipple was fast flowing. I had gone through and separated all the nipples but apparently Caitlyn found them because at least two of them got mixed up again. So I stopped my Target to grab some more bottles and change out his bottle. So we hit the baby section first, I grab a bottle of the shelf, dump the formula into the new bottle and head off. We grab several more things and actually take our time through the store.

As we are ready to check out I decide I must go to the restroom. Brent is out of his seat, tons of stuff is in his seat, so I ask the photo lady at the front to watch the cart while I run in. I have to drag Caitlyn from the cart, so now I'm holding two children. When I come back out I notice my baby bag is gone. I immediately start freaking out because my wallet, his bottle, etc. are in my bag.

I didn't think to take it in because it was in the bottom of the basket. So anyway they assure me they have video cameras and call security to the front. Customers and employees alike are helping out. I'm crying, shaking and totally frustrated at my stupidity for not taking in the bag.

I then start thinking, why would someone take a baby bag, they don't know anything of value is in there. Well maybe formula. Then it dawns of me that I took the baby bag out of the cart when I changed his bottle in the baby aisle. One of the employees runs to the back and finds it.

Hallelujah! But man I never felt so dumb. Everyone was so wonderful to help me. I'm so upset that my first thought was that someone took it.

I quickly started checking out and was ready to make my exit when I noticed that Caitlyn had wet through her clothes, brother! We had to go home, change and then head back to Discount Tire.

We noticed a flat in Jeff's front drivers side tire. So being responsible we take it in immediately to get fixed. Especially since my car is in the shop getting a few things worked on we didn't want to be without two cars. So we (Caitlyn, Brent and I) sit for 1.5 hours in Tire Toy Land only to find out they checked both front tires and there were absolutely no leaks.

I will say Caitlyn was pretty good, but it still wears me out.

Then we went over to pick up Jeff to eat lunch. Brent pretty much screamed through half of it. Jeff was happy to go back and I am happy to be home with both kiddos sleeping.

The joys of parenting. Believe it or not, we love it!

Oh yeah, one cute story to wrap this up. Caitlyn and I bought a DVD for Jeff and well Caitlyn too. I can't think of the name right now (and of course I'm not getting off the couch to check right now) but it is a cartoon type moving about hunting. Anyway at lunch Jeff is talking to Caitlyn about a movie. She starts telling Jeff that she bought him a movie today. Luckily he couldn't understand. She is getting so smart and is about ready to start telling all my secrets, yikes!

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