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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Family Pictures

We are spending today with my parents, sister and her family. Since we are all together we thought we would get our family pictures done professionally. So we made an appointment at the nearby mall. We specifically made the appointment for an appropriate hour, thinking of meal times and most importantly nap times.

Well our wisely thought out plan was botched because the photographer was 30 minutes late. Amazingly our kids did ok. We had a lot of fun trying to get all the kiddos looking at the camera at the same and with their hands down. We sang "Jingle Bells" repeatedly which really seemed to help.

So after a very long time of picture taking, we went to the play area for a while. We would have to wait an additional 20-30 minutes to view the pictures and make our choices. Well, our decision making process was of course not the quickest, but we managed to get out of there about an hour later.

We are all pleased with the turnout. However, we remembered quickly why we only do this once a year!

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  1. AIGH! Caitlyn is a little Stephanie in that picture of she and Brent. Her hair even looks like yours!!!

    Beautiful family! :-)